Why Shangri-La?

At Shangri-La Dispensaries, we have crafted a premium cannabis shopping experience where our primary focus is you – our patients and consumers. We have a team of professional healthcare workers and highly educated budtenders offering an unparalleled level of knowledge and service to empower visitors during their journey with cannabis. Whether for illness or wellness, Shangri-La can provide a myriad of top of the line products to meet all your needs. Our wonderful staff is always here to address any of your questions and concerns and allow you to leave feeling confident about your purchase.

About Us

Shangri-La, started in 2019, is a family-founded company whose members have extensive backgrounds in retail compliance, business management, medicine, and dentistry. Shangri-La first started with medical marijuana and created a model that focuses on patients’ overall well-being, providing education, and cultivating a better understanding and perception of cannabis. Shangri-La has now embraced adult-use cannabis and broadened the above focus to include all visitors. 

Shangri-La is committed to providing the community with safe, reliable,and professional access to marijuana. We are working hand in hand with local communities, business owners, the State, and law enforcement to not only be involved in the development of this new industry but to be a leader within it.