At Shangri-La Dispensaries, we’ve crafted a premium cannabis shopping experience where our primary focus is on the well-being of all our patients. We have a team of professional healthcare workers offering an unparalleled level of knowledge and service to empower patients during their journey with cannabis. Our unique approach incorporates best practices from the traditional medical community with innovative solutions found in retail stores.

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our patients, customers, and community by providing alternative treatment options and quality healthcare that bridges the gap between illness and wellness.

About Us

Shangri-La was co-founded in 2019 by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in retail compliance and internal medicine. The founders saw an opportunity for an alternative to traditional dispensary services. Shangri-La has created a model that focuses on patients’ overall well-being, providing education and support to cultivate a better understanding of cannabis as medicine. Shangri-La’s mission is to change the perception of cannabis as a harmful substance and to help patients reduce dependence on pharmaceuticals by offering lab-tested products that promote wellness.

Shangri-La is committed to providing the community with safe, reliable, professional, and compassionate access to Medical Marijuana. With the Medical Marijuana industry still in its infancy, our focus has remained on community, we are working hand in hand with local communities, business owners, the State, and law enforcement to not only be involved in the development of this new economy but also be a leader within it.