Yes, anyone with a patient card can purchase cannabis products. With a valid medical
marijauna patient card, you can purchase from our wide range of therapeutic cannabis

As of right now, we do not sell cannabis for recreational use due to state compliance
guidelines. However, we do sell to patients with a valid medical marijuana patient card.
If you are looking to try cannabis for medical reasons, we recommend consulting your
physician before trying anything new. If you’re working with a physician who is
recommending a particular product to start your cannabis therapy, let our patient
consultants know so they can best assist you.

We require patients or caregivers to bring a valid government-issued photo ID along
with their marijuana patient or caregiver’s card before being able to purchase any
cannabis products.

While we deliver all our cannabis products directly to patients, it is illegal to mail or
transport marijuana across state lines.

Due to federal regulations, we can only accept cash but we have an ATM available at
all of our locations for ease of access.

Yes, we are an entirely legal dispensary and authorized to dispense medical marijuana
to verified patients.

Legal medical cannabis patients and primary caregivers who hold valid patient cards
can purchase medical marijuana flower and products.

All patients must renew their cards to purchase cannabis products from a legal
dispensary every year. We verify patient cards every visit to remain compliant to
continue providing industry-leading service to patients.

Please click here (hyperlink to “Obtain My Card”) or here (hyperlink to “Obtain My
Card”) to see your local and state regulations about medical marijuana card renewals

Please click here (hyperlink to “Obtain My Card”) or here (hyperlink to “Obtain My
Card”) to see your local and state regulations.

Missouri patients are able to purchase 4 oz. of marijuana per 30 days.