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Research is indicating that patients are lacking knowledge…

Even before Amendment 2 passed, people all over Missouri were consuming cannabis – many for multiple decades.  But never before have there been so many product options available in the cannabis retail marketplace.  With the passage of time and innovations in cultivation, manufacturing, and consumption, there is more data and information for learning more about cannabis products or the importance of the contents of the plant.

The University of Buffalo and the University of Michigan have partnered for a study that shows that even cannabis consumer who are enthusiastic about the knowledge they possess, 2/3 of daily consumers who participated in the study had a low level of knowledge about THC, CBD, and dosing.

Another study survey question asked participants what amounts they considered to be effective doses for CBD and THC and included a box for “I don’t know.” The majority (53 percent) ticked the “I don’t know” box for THC dosages and 68 percent for CBD dosages. Another question asked what the participant thought were the percentages for high and low THC and CBD strains. The majority of respondents (58 percent) believed that a low-THC cannabis strain was 20 percent THC or higher – which is considered a high-THC strain. Another 22 percent said a low-THC strain was 40 percent THC or higher – a level that exceeds anything available commercially. (excerpt from study via Ganjapreneur)

The study, “Frequent cannabis users demonstrate low knowledge of cannabinoid content and dosages,” is published in the Drugs: Education,Prevention and Policy journal.  If you’re interested in learning more about the study, check it out and let us know what you think!

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